NITOS has been through several phases through out the years. Our humble beginnings date back to spring of 2015. With several brand names, VINO, Mighty Motives Apparel, Versatile Threads, Nitos Development, we have settled into our final phase, NITOS. NITOS was originally founded in 1965 in Bohol, Philippines by our grandparents manufacturing polos, dresses, shorts, tee shirts, shoes, and many types of sublimated garments. As a close knit family owned company, they went as far as sailing across islands to deliver goods.

40 years later, our company seeks rebirth with the sole dream to bring the family name back into the industry. With our beginnings in Screen Printing, Direct to Garment, Embroidery, and Vinyl work, our main goal is to pursue our own personal brand image and apparel, while supporting many brands through out our journey in our secondary company, Nitos Development.

Nitos Development exists to be a positive company that encourages growth with extensive creative capabilities.  We strive to support many communities influenced by achieving the highest standards possible for brand development. We support the movement of quality, growth, and impression.

Omaju is our extention to our legacy.

Thank you for supporting us! You are the reason we continue what we do.

- NITOS LLC team.